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Your Independent Candidate putting the needs of residents before party politics

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About me: Why I am standing for election

Since 2019 I have been campaigning for an independent candidate to be elected to Parliament in order to put people before politics. Independents are the only true political representation to put residents first. This is due to party politicians being whipped to put their party needs first. This begs the question:  How can party candidates put residents needs first, if the party must always come first?


My history

In 2019, I joined a local Independent group called the Borough first Independents, as I could see that the current political system was broken, from the grass roots to the very top at Parliament. I stood in the local elections in May 2019 and again in the general election in December 2019 and learnt the processes of running as a candidate in a general election.

That same year,  I joined my local parish council as I wanted to make a real difference in my local area and gain experience in how to make positive change for residents in a local authority.  During my time on the local council, I was promoted to various lead roles by my members and eventually elected chairman.  I continue to work towards improving communications and performance to make it an effective tool for residents to improve or maintain local services  


In early 2020, I was elected as leader of the Borough first Independents, who in 2023 were successful in gaining 7 elected members to the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Council. This goes to show how quickly change can be created, as the Independent group is now the 2nd largest group in the RBWM council. We now have12 Independent elected councillors in RBWM. 


This brings the number of local Independent councillors in the Windsor constituency to 9, with only 5 Liberal Democrats and 5 Conservative councillors.  With the recent parliamentary constituency boundary change, there are now 11 Independents, 13 Conservatives and 5 Liberal Democrats.  It's clear to see,  that with a big push Windsor could elect its first Independent MP who will put residents first.... EVERY time.


Reacting quickly to a crisis.

In 2020, when residents were told to isolate at the start of the pandemic,  I realised that there was no support network for the residents of Datchet, so I set up a volunteer network called The Datchet Volunteers.  I was able to gather the support of 150 volunteers within 10 days, reflecting the great community that we live in.  The volunteers covered every street in Datchet and were able to support all the vulnerable residents of the village during the most difficult times.  The volunteer network was linked to all the similar volunteers across Windsor who stood up to support their communities. The support network continues helping and supporting residents today,  and is also the charity supporting the new Datchet Horton and Wraysbury Health Hub, which started in late 2023.  



I have been working tirelessly to make sure residents are being put first, both from a very local level in the Parishes (as Chairman of Datchet Parish Council and new member of Horton Parish Council 2023) to more recently being elected as a Borough Councillor for the Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury ward within the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. I was positioned as the new and first Business Champion for RBWM to start the drive to make RBWM open for business and support the council's drive for new income streams to support our local services.  


My charity work continues in line with my councillor responsibilities which puts me in a unique position of understanding the day-to-day needs of my residents.

Track record

I have shown by my actions, that I create change at every tier of authority, putting residents needs first - every time,  unlike other candidates that appear under their party-political brands as paper candidates at every general election. It is time for real change, hard work and proper representation by voting for a hard working Independent as your MP in the Windsor constituency, where I will continue this programme of putting residents needs at the heart of Parliament.  #peoplebeforepolitics.

Magna Carta

Windsor can be the first constituency to change politics forever in the 21st Century. The area of Windsor did this previously with the formation of the Magna Carta.  This was the start of a democracy for the people. Now once again Windsor can be the catalyst for change.  We have a chance to change democracy by voting for an independent as your MP in the next election and holding all the political parties to account for their failure to put the people's needs first.

Only an Independent can bring the changes you need as they are not compromised by the candidate selection process or the party whip of the political parties.

Together we can make Windsor greater, greener, safer and cleaner.

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